16:9 footage showing squished


16:9 footage showing squished

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I have made a 4:3 menu in DVD Workshop and then added in a 16:9 video file. The finish tab on the program I view everything and the menu is 4:3 and the footage 16:9 but when I burn my dvd and view it on my tv the menu is 4:3 but the footage is all but squished into the 4:3 area. It isn't letter box but just not filling the full screen on my 16:9 TV. What is going wrong? A regular commerical DVD fills the screen fine without me having to tell the tv to make the image wide so the dvd player is set. But if I tell the TV make the image wide then my 4:3 menu is stretched all fat. How do i fix this?

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It's a known problem, and unfortunetly, the only way to fix it, is to patch the menu itself with a third party program.

I would have to find the program myself, as, I'll be needing shortly myself.