GIF-X - Is it possible to have a transparent background?

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GIF-X - Is it possible to have a transparent background?

Post by cindilu2 »

Hello. I downloaded GIF-X for use with my PaintShopPro XI and Animation Shop. I would like to know if it's possible to create an effects animation (for example, the fireworks effect) on a transparent background.

I tried using a transparent raster layer, but it says there is nothing in the selection. I also tried filling the layer with a 1% white layer, but then I can't see the effect at all.

Any information would be appreciated!

(What I am trying to do (eventually) is add a fireworks effect to an existing animation)
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Post by VikingAnimations »


Your best bet is to open each frame of your existing animation with PSP. Once you have GIF-X open, make sure that frame 1 is the one showing on the right. Do whatever positioning you need to with the fireworks. Click OK, then save that image.

Then open the next frame of the animation, go to GIF-X, set it to show the second frame of the effect, click OK, save that image...

And so on until done.

Not the easiest way, but about the only way to do what you want.

Post by cindilu2 »

Thanks so much for the quick response. I guess I'm glad it wasn't just something I was missing *g*.

I will try your suggestion for this animation. :D