Change pivot point of group

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Change pivot point of group

Post by dnavarrojr »

I have no problem changing the pivot point of a single object, but I can't figure out how to change the pivot point for grouped objects.

Any ideas?

Post by BuZZarD »

Are you wanting to change the pivot point from the centre of a group with no other effects applied?

Please give an example of what you wish to achieve as I have done similar by reseting the coordinates and shifting the object/group center.
There are a couple of ways to do it depending on what you want a specific outcome to be.
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pivot point

Post by Dahl »

I am having trouble getting the pivot point correct in grouped objects. For example the robot. I want him to swing his arm. I ungroup the arm. Change the bicep to pivot at the top of the bicep instead of the centre. I then regroup but no matter what option I choose the arm will not pivot from the top of the bicep. What am I doing wrong?
Did anyone solve this problem two years ago. Love to hear from anyone. who has an answer.