a product to produce cool fx?

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a product to produce cool fx?

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Been looking around this forum for a mention of a product ( Ulead or not but ideally cheap(ish) ) which would enable me to produce a few natty special fx using both/either Ulead VS and PI.

Talking about the kind you see on kids films using the ole' Star Wars light saber tequinique. Not wanting to produce that effect exactly, but would like to doctor the image/digital movie i have a little here and there...say, add a moving space ship for example into a shot? Possible? Could it be done with PI ( only just getting to grips with it, I see in the manual about animation etc..would i 'create' a spaceship/or photograph an object..cut it out, paste save to jpeg and using Videostudio have some sort of moving animation.

Or, is the answer..you need a moving path and mediastudio does that?

Just was wondering. Like to see whats possible out there, for my equipment and budget, before i spend/waste time thinking about what i want to create if you know what i mean.

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You might want to look at the tutorials that are available here

Bear in mind that these have to be bought.
They are also available via the Ulead partner products page