Ulead....???Where's the support?? Who did I buy from?

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Ulead....???Where's the support?? Who did I buy from?

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Is it Softwrap?? Ulead??

About a month ago, I purchased Ulead Gif animator. Downloaded it from Uleads site. Then I purchased it online through the program along with the CD.

I just reinstalled XP. I put the disk in to install. It installed properly, but now it says I have 15 days to buy. I have no serial number. I should have wrote it down.

How do you get support? I've emailed about every departement Ulead and Softwrap has. There should be someone I can call.

Looks like my only option is to sit and wait. If I get no responses, I guess I'm SOL.

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If you registered your software, sign-in on this page. Click on Registered Product, and it will show you your registered products and serial numbers.

If you didn't register, you can try sending a request to Customer Service via the Customer Service Web Form. I think you are more likely to get an answer there than from regular E-mail, but I don't know if it's going to be a "good" answer.

Ulead's online sales currently seem to be handled by Element5. But, if you dont' have an invoice number or anything... I dunno....

I believe Softwrap just provides Ulead with the anti-/DRM code. Considering the business they are in, they are not likely to tell you anything...
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Once again may I stress the importance of the advice previously given
Lost Serial Numbers and Software.

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sjj1805 wrote:Once again may I stress the importance of the advice previously given
Lost Serial Numbers and Software.
I agree.

I had the serial number in my outlook express. I did back it up by dragging files to external hard drive before reinstalling windows (but they weren't there when I tried to restore). Ulead sent me a backup disk incase this happend. I paid an extra $10 for it. Why didn't the serial number come with it? There is a number on it, but it wont take. It must not be the serial #.

I expect when I get a back up disk it comes with a serial #. I also expect a method of contacting the company. Ulead/softwrap has no such #. It's been 24 hours and still no response. It's still early though.

I should have registered, but didn't. Ulead should have some kind of customer service preregistration.