can i do this and can i do that - with 3dcool

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can i do this and can i do that - with 3dcool

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Ok, so im new to this malarky, and having posted on the VS board regarding how to basically get some fancy wording up n running on VS..with complete control of its length, and making sure the image looks ok and not jerky etc ( any advice please )...Im come over to this board..and see whole new horizons..

...playing with spheres and creating UFO stylie graphics... taste buds n why? Can I get backgrounds ( any background..from a still off VS ) and create an object or wording to dance around a bit? Ive looked on at the examples in various threads....and heres me just getting to grips with VS!! now have to learn all about this!!

So - in a nutshell..can i create a nutshell? it easy to i expecting too much from this little freebie program? Ideally, to keep it simple..I would like a map and have a dotted line or something like travel along the length of the map stopping at various locations etc ( seen a few examples on here..but how'd you do it on 3D? )