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Hi¡K I want to ask about GIF Animator 5 but can¡¦t find a forum dedicated to it. Since this is the only place I can find reference to it, I¡¦m going to ask here. Hope that¡¦s okay!

I bought GIF Animator 5 because it got the best reviews. I only want to dissolve from one gif to another. That¡¦s it. All the cheapies had that as their main transition¡K but I can¡¦t find it in GA! Actually I¡¦m a bit mystified¡K

If I open ¡§About Filters¡¨ and go down to ¡§Adding video transition effects¡¨, it takes me to a pane that says I should select ¡§Video F/X: Transition Effect¡¨. I haven¡¦t got one under my Video F/X menu!

So, I looked at ¡§About Video F/X¡¨ and it says I need to buy ¡§F/X for GIF Animator¡¨ at the Ulead Mall homepage. Gritting my teeth about the extra expense, I clicked on the link and it took me to a product called Ulead ¡§GIF-X Plugin¡¨. I checked all their products: no, ¡§F/X for GIF Animator¡¨ was not there. So, I assumed that GIF-X Plugin was the equivalent. Bought it¡K blast! There¡¦s no dissolve transition.

Could anyone throw any light on this situation, please? I¡¦d be very grateful. :)
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I think the effect you may be after can be accomplished with the "Tween" function of GA 5. Check out the tutorials below: Three tweening tutorials here.

This could also be accomplished with Burgers Transistions - the Crossfade one would do the trick. Once installed, the Burgers Transitions will be in the Video F/X for GA 5. Burgers website seems to no longer exist, but you can find it here:

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Hi Viking!

Thank you very much indeed. :)