How do you get Ulead F/X for GIF Animator to work

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How do you get Ulead F/X for GIF Animator to work

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I hope someone here can help me, I tried calling Tech Support and they had no idea what I was talking about.

I downloaded the trial of GIF Animator 5. Liked it and purchased the full version. I purchased it directly from Ulead and it came with the Ulead F/X for GIF Animator plugin and the GIF-X.Plugin™ 2.0 plugin.

The first time I installed these products I don't think I uninstalled the trial so I uninstalled everything and made sure that the Ulead Systems directory was deleted.

Then I installed GIF animator 5 - openned the program and it looked like it installed OK and closed the app.

Then I installed the GIF-X.Plugin™ 2.0 plugin and openned GIF animator 5, went into preferences and put the path to the plugin in the 1st box, closed the app, reopened it and verified that GIF-X 2.0 was in the Filter/Ulead Effects menu option and closed the app.

Then I installed the Ulead F/X for GIF Animator plugin. during the install I made a note that it was being installed into the same directory as the main app (Ulead Systems\Ulead GIF Animator 5). The install didn't have any options to select, it just installed after I agreed to the terms. I went back into GIF Animator 5 and into the preferences and put this path in the 2nd box, closed the app, reopened it and CAN NOT FIND HOW TO ACCESS IT!!! It is not listed with the GIF-X 2.0 plugin under Ulead Effects or anywhere else.

I hope I have included all the information needed to solve this issue and that someone can help me!!

Thanks so much!!
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Post by VikingAnimations »

The F/X for GIF Animator won't be found in the Filters section.

If it was installed correctly, the F/X will all be in the "Video F/X" on the standard toolbar. If you never looked in there before you installed F/X, you may not notice that there are a whole bunch of new things in there.

GA 5 has 16 main headings in the Video F/X to start with, with a total of 27 different F/X. You should have lots more than that now. Have a peek...

Post by Pink2 »

Thank you. I didn't associate Video with GIFs. I have looked there and see all the additions.