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Post by Ken Berry »

You haven't indicated what your computer specifications are. I say this because AVCHD is perhaps the most demanding of all video formats for computer resources while editing, or even, if truth be told, playing it back smoothly. VS11.5+ (and note it is the 11.5 Plus version, not just 11+) can do what you want. In fact, I have done it all on my own computer. Press my System button below to see what my computer specs are. And that is much of the story, I am afraid. The consensus on this forum, albeit a small one, given the relatively limited number of AVCHD users here, seems to be that you need at least a Core 2 Duo computer with decent other resources, especially if it is running Vista, to deal with AVCHD from go to woe.

However, on the editing side, it seems that a Dual Core or even P4 3.0 GHZ with HT or higher can at least edit AVCHD. My older P4 3.0 GHZ with HT, NVidia 7600 GT graphics with 512 MB of its own RAM, 2 GB system RAM, running XP Pro, could at least edit it. But playback was jerky and erratic. When I opened the same file on my Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHZ with 2 GB RAM -- bought before I had acquired my current Core 2 Quad -- playback was fine.

VS11.5+ also has a useful feature called SmartProxy which is really aimed at demanding formats like high definition AVCHD. In effect, you generate smaller standard definition temp files of your high def captures, and edit those. With SmartProxy enabled, however, the edits are applied to the high def files. It is a slow process, but appears to work pretty consistently well.

As for giving more specific details of the program's capabilities, no one here can do that since none of us work for Ulead/Corel. We are all simply users who volunteer to staff the Board and answer questions such as yours from other users, based on our own experience using the program...
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Post by SonDa5 »

SonDa5 wrote:Very impressive video editing application.
Bravo!! :)

I read on Amazon.Com that it will edit AVCHD to AVCHD. To some effect. However I think they are mistaken. Correct me if I am wrong.

Can this application capture raw AVCHD files and edit them in AVCHD then create a playable AVCHD file? All in AVCHD format? All "raw" AVCHD format? Are all of the cool video editing features available for the "raw" AVCHD files as well?

If it does this then I will buy it right away. The language of the AVCHD capabilites are not that clear IMO. Please make the language more clearer.
Running capable Intel processor on XP pro. Spec wise my machine should be able to handle it. Not sure if the software can do this though.

So is everyone certain that this program will edit raw AVCHD files in AVCHD format without converting it?
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Post by sjj1805 »

I will move this to the General Information Forums so that it does not "get lost". Now that VS X2 has been released it is no longer appropriate to be a sticky in the VideoStudio forum.

Hopefully I will be able to create new similar thread soon for VSX2.