sorry, have looked everywhere, but...


sorry, have looked everywhere, but...

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I have checked both the illustrator help files, the cool 3D files...I have even checked on this forum for the key that will enable me to do something so simple...basically cool 3D is not letting me import illustrator files because it says the paths are not closed. But according to my sense of sanity...and that little 'o' that appears over the endpoint letting me know I am accurately placing two points together to close the path with the pen tool...I have closed a path. In desperation I tried to import a ready made already closed shape - using a quick n dirty rectangle from the tool palette. Result? Cool 3D said 'no, there are closed paths', but then, isn't it supposed to close paths automatically if it finds them in the imported file?

I did go to the link recommended in another thread of this type but kept getting an error message re the php.

Any help very gratefully received.

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:oops: errr like cool 3D doesn't import paths from illustrator 9 advertised in the help files...sorry everyone...more :oops: for good measure. But as I'm here...are there any progs that anyone knows that can take an illustrator file and save it in a format cool 3D can digest? Preferably cheaply...thanks
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Post by VikingAnimations »

I've never had any luck with .ai files either, in C3D 3.5 or PS.

Which version do you have - 3.5 or Production Studio? This should work in both...

You click the "Insert Graphics" button. The bottom left button will let you import a .bmp or .jpg image and convert it to an editable path/vector object. That may be your best chance at success.

The paths you get will most likely require editing, but it does work.

Post by Larryfroot »

Thank you Sven, and boy has your longboat got my daughters tongues a wagging!

Worked it out...basically create paths in illustrator - its easy. then save as illustrator file, then open up in ancient edition of macromedia freehand, then save as enhanced metafile, then import...phew.

buggered if Im going to work in freehand - a monstrosity, but handy for file conversions...even the old ones given out gratis and no restrictions on very old mag covers....but what a run around...
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sorry, have looked everywhere, but...

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Larryfroot - I had the same issue for quite some time, however as I have been designing some other artwork to go to some local screen printing shops they have requested these files in Illustrator 8 version - so I finally clued in and said let's try that here...Well the rest is history - save all designs in Illustrator 8 mode you will see this option when you save the file and ensure that is a solid object that you are wanting to process because if it involves alot of paths then it will take a long time to render or at least it does on my PC. I hope that helps - let me know if you have questions - email:
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Post by htchien »

It requires you to save the AI file in AI 8 format because Adobe changed the AI format as a closed format in AI 9.

Hope this helps.
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Post by Larryfroot »

Thank you everyone. I looked for a save as version 8 in the preferences menu - didn't think of using 'save as 8' on the actual save dialogue...typical, I was adding complexity where the solution was simple.

Thanks a lot, you've been a big help!