An EASY way to create your own 3D Objects for Cool 3D


An EASY way to create your own 3D Objects for Cool 3D

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Cool 3D is a wonderful product. I've used it for years to create video titles and animated greetings. But, I never had a way to incorporate my own 3D models into Cool 3D.

All that changed when I found the CB Model Pro beta, from Solidworks. CB Model Pro is an extremely easy 3D Modeling program. It's based on the child's 3D modeling program called Cosmic Blobs sold by The Learning Company. (

CB Model Pro is FREE while in beta, which should be at least a year or so. You can download it at:

It permits you to export the models you create in .OBJ format. Since Cool 3D does not import .OBJ files, I use another free program call LithUnwrap to easily convert the file to either .X or .3DS that Cool 3D can import.

Here is a link to one of my first tests, a sample 'Birthday Card' using a CB Model Pro 3D model and Cool 3D to animate it. The music was added using the Camtasia editor; but, any video editor would work. ... rthday.flv

The 3D Model was made in 4 parts so that I could control the amount of 'bounce' of each part.

Here is another animation, my first experiment using CB Model Pro and Cool 3D together. There is no sound in this one. ... Skater.flv

I like this product so much that I've created two blogs with video tutorials and the links can be found in my signature. Most of the Cosmic Blobs tutorials apply equally to CB Model Pro.