3rd party program - useagewith c3dps


3rd party program - useagewith c3dps

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I realise this has been talked about before, and the thread was locked and I really don't wish to offend or plug a product as Ulead is always my first choice and primary choice for everything graphical.

However, as the subject has been brought up before......

Is this program only for use as video overlays, or can it actually be used with C3DPS?

I have seen some of the effects and they are quite useful, but are they solely for 'after effects' or can they be used within a ulead product (other than VS for example)?

Again, if I am speaking out of turn, please delete this post asap as it is not my intention.
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C3DPS is a standalone Video Creation Program that will create 3D effect videos. Once created you can use them how you wish.

They are useful for intro's to your main video or you could create something to use on your website. Technically you could create an entire video - but - given the time it takes to render even a short video you would have to consider the practicalities of such an endeavor.

Some uses of C3DPS:
Introduction Videos
Lower thirds
Travel Maps (perhaps a model car moving from A to B)
End Videos

These videos can be used with any video editing program including

Have you seen the latest James Bond film - Casino Royale?
The opening sequence is of playing card effects and quite mouth watering.
This would have been created in a similar 3D program. Another example are the videos seen at the start of news programs, satelite TV film channels and so on.

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Good to see womeone else is up late too :)

I use C3DPS for logos and dideo intros and VS for the main part.
The latest piece I'm working on includes fire and smoke particle effects.
The ones in C3DPS are pretty good and more than functional but a couple in particular in particle illusion would look quite superb.

I had a brief look by saving as an AVI and applying as an overlay in VS10+ which looked ok but not good enough in the overall video compared to using the fire/smoke particle effects in a single project in C3DPS.

I'd like to use those effects as part of an animation as opposed to an overlay.