Importing an Image File

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Importing an Image File

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Hi Guys

I'm trying to fathom out how to import a company logo that's saved to both Jpg & WMF.

1. I open path editor but when I try to 'import graphics' either Jpg or WMF, nothing happens (it seems to want AI files as a preference).
2. Next I try to import as a 'background image' but the OK button is always greyed out so I can't take it into my project.
3. If I try via 'convert to vector', the resulting image is a poor fragmented impression of the image.

Is it possible to import a straight forward image?? I've found the tutorial with R2D2 projecting a hologram of Ulead's logo, but nothing else in my site search. Any advice or links to other tutorials would be very helpful.
Thanks & regards.

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Post by VikingAnimations »

The "Convert to Vector" option is the only one I think that can be used if you're wanting an object.

Yes, the result usually looks like a mess... I end up going in and editing the paths manually, which can take a lot of work. C3D PS seems to add far more nodes than is needed.

If you want to use the logo as a background, then you would do that elsewhere - go to the Attribute panel, and select "Background" from the drop-down. Then change the background mode to Image, then browse to your jpeg logo and add it. If it's not the same dimension as your project size, well...

The last possible option is to add a big flat rectangle object, and use your logo jpeg as the object's texture...

Not knowing what the logo looks like, or what you have in mind, it's hard to say which option would be best for you here.