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GIF Animator, SmartSaver Pro, Plugins, Applets....


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Jist wanted to thank you for your solution in Gif Animator crashing each time I tried to load it. Moved both files you mentioned, and it all worked nicely. Again thanks saved me heaps of time.

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Thanks for the feed back. Doesn't happen often enough that people come back to report on a success. Now, if you had posted that into the original thread, everybody would know what exactly it was that helped you :wink:

Since this seems to be your first post, we can't even try to locate the thread which helped you :?
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Actually Heinz, I split the reply from the stickied thread at the top of the forum... Crashing When Loading Video I/O

My fault! :)

Indeed, it's nice to know advice has helped. Too many times advice is given and no reply ever comes, so folks don't know if the advice is helpful or not...