Photo EX 8.6 not working correctly?


Photo EX 8.6 not working correctly?

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Hi All
I upgraded to PI 12 and now when processing RAW files from my Nikon D200 the checkbox for applying the same settings to all subsequent files does not work. When using PI11 I never had a problem with this. Any ideas would be helpful.
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Did you uninstall PI-11 before installing PI-12?

Search the PE 8.6 folder for the file ulibraw.dll. This is what the Raw update patch for PI-11 used for the RAW format support. It may have been removed or corrupted when you upgraded to PI-12.

I have both PI-11 and 12 installed and the DLL file is still present in my PE folder. If not download the RAW update for PI-11, and follow the directions on the website to install it to your PE folder. PI-11 RAW update patch
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Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it and it is still doing the same thing.
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I know this is a dormant thread, but the problem still remains. I can convert one RAW image at a time, but the "Apply to all subsequent selected files" check box appears to not be working. Here's what happens:

1. Select multiple files
2. Select "Convert RAW Files" from the Tools menu.
3. Under "Conversion Method" in the Convert RAW Files" dialog, click on "Manual."
4. You then get the big "Open Camera" dialog. I change all the settings to make the pic look good. Then, before selecting OK, I put a check next to "Apply to all subsequent selected files."

The first RAW image is processed and saved in the format I specified. However, rather than just merrily processing all the "subsequent" files using the same manual settings, I instead get the same big Open Camera dialog, with the default ("As Shot") settings. I then have to make all my changes again.

So, this feature appears to have been broken since day one, and I just checked the update page and there don't appear to be any updates.

Does anyone have a workaround??

If you select "manual" when doing a batch convert of RAW files, if you