Video: MotorCycle Ride

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Video: MotorCycle Ride

Post by keithooper »

Yes, some of these sample videos show good interesting stuff.

However, I am new to video editing. In fact, I've never owned a camcorder until mid-October of last year ('06). I have made just a couple of short videos, which you can view at:


The second one picked-up on and copied some of the techniques applied in the 'Sample Project' that came along with the VS10+ software, which is a great example of how some effects and transitions can be applied to good use.

Indeed, the Sample Project lets me interface directly with the video's Project Timeline, which in turn demonstrates how I can copy the methods and procedures applied to obtain similar effects.

So is there any way we can share other Project Timelines so that we reproduce or imitate the techniques involved?

Are there any other Sample Projects out there? If not, then can Ulead construct a few more and make them available to us newbies?


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Post by sjj1805 »

Thanks for sharing these two videos, I have split your post from the original location so that users will see it more easily and hopefully gain you a few more hits on the forum.

For someone who only started off video editing a few months ago this is a testimony to the ease of use of VideoStudio and shows what can be achieved in such a short learning span.

Watching your videos reminded me of those large IMAX cinemas at theme parks where you go on a ride of a big dipper, or a helicopter ride across the grand canyon. I really enjoyed watching them.

Regarding sharing VideoStudio project files please view this link:
VideoStudio Smart Compositions

Post by keithooper »

Thanks for the link Steve - just the sort of info I have been looking for :wink:

Loads more of this sorta 'ideas & applications' stuff would be priceless; an issue I tend to feel that you et others here are trying to encourage.

One final comment from me: THE MUSIC :idea: - At least 50-60% of a video is the sound IMHO. Music sets the tone, and helps take the viewer where you want him to go, and needs to flow with the images. But I guess you already realise this :roll:

Thanks for your kind comments too.


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Post by MrA »

Hey Keith, enjoyed your vid as well, I used to ride a Harley, but, doesn't matter what kind of bike it is, long as it is a bike.. my motto is support the sport.. keep making those kinds of vids, I love them..