new user - non-tech - help!!! GIF - how to STOP banner text

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new user - non-tech - help!!! GIF - how to STOP banner text

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This is probably REALLY simple but I've just got GIF and I'm VERY non-tech. Trying to work things out on my own is REALLY hard! :?

My main aim is to produce some animated text (possibly 2 - WOW!) on a banner.

I've looked through the ADD BANNER TEXT but can't work out how to get the text to STOP once it's run through 1 lot of animation - ie I don't really want it to repeat a loop all the time.

I want drop down text to stop in the middle of the banner and then some smaller text to scroll from the left to stop on the right hand side - is this possible in ADD BANNER TEXT

However, moving on from this - how would I do this using text I've already created in photoimpact2??

Also - SORRY - when I load in a preset banner background it doesn't show up in it's entirety on the GIF programme. Is there a reason for this???

Think that's it - for now!!!!
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Post by VikingAnimations »

Okee dokee...

You cannot use text from PI with the Banner Text feature. You would have to animated that manually by moving things around with the Pick tool.

You don't want an animation to keep looping? Is that what you mean? That is set in the Global Information Image.


You want to combine two sets of banner text? After you create the first, go to the Frame Panel and select the frame that you want the next banner text to begin on. Then click Frame, Add Banner Text...

As for your last question, I assume you are adding the banner image after you have started a new animation. Try this... after you add the banner image, it should be shown as selected in the Object Manager. Now click "Edit, Crop canvas." That should do it. Or just click "File, open image..." and open that image first before you add any other things.

Post by witzend »

thanks for this - I'll give it a go when I find another gap in my life!