Object explosion effects


Object explosion effects

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I would like to have a golf ball exploding and bring up a banner "Happy Birthday"

I tried using a sample with Cool3D 3.5 but the explosion endup with"ULEAD" symbol I could not find a way to edit

Can someone help me


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Hi Steve,

I have no difficulties in making the golf ball or any other text characters explode. I would like to make the golf ball explode and then the exploded fragments form "Happy Birthday" at the end of the sequence

Please help


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You just have to change the target of the effect.

Click on the effect in the gallery and press the "T" (for text) button in the target option of the attribute toolbar to change the text from ULEAD to WHATEVER.

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Ok, it's been a while but I can't find where to set the target.

In the gallery, I've tried it with text effect blast/explosion and also with object explosion.

I highlight it in easy pallete and press T, but nothing happens.
There is no target in attribute panel.

What am I missing?
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you can't edit in the easy palette. You need a text or object in the project then apply the effect on it.
Then in the attributes panel click the T button and then you can edit (did it no later than yesterday again with blast but it's the same). Be sure to match the font too..
This my understanding of it.
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