Combining 2 animations into 1 sequence with Cool 3d 3.5

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Combining 2 animations into 1 sequence with Cool 3d 3.5

Post by jakewoodblues »

Once again Ulead has a beautiful program for me to sink my creative teeth into! :D
However, I do have a question that I can't seem to find an answer to in any of my docs:

I have 2 animations that I want 2 combine into one sequence. I have checked my documents on this (and probably missed it :oops: ) and can't figure out how to do it.

Part 1 is my company's mascot logo getting struck by lightning and exploding.
Part 2 is a reverse explosion forming into the company's name logo

Please tell me they can be combined and, of course, how.

Anxiously awiting your wisdom :cool:

As always thanks for your help
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Post by snoops »

No, you can't do 2 different animations in 1 C3D project. As soon as you try to add a new one, it will replace the previous one.

In 1 project you could create a new batch of keyframes and adjust all the values of all keyframes individually to make 2 sequences. But this is very tedious and will probably fail with jerky movement or other quirky behavior.

You just need to merge the output of 2 projects in your video editor.

In your case the solution is probably easy. Just create the desired AVI of the project, and put it on the timeline of your video editor twice. Reverse the second one and trim as desired.

If this is no good because your implosion is done differently, then use 2 separate AVIs in your editor.

You didn't mention anything at all about the output, so just assuming AVI will be OK. No crystal balls here.

When you use 2 projects to create one combined sequence in a video editor, there is one thing you should do if they need to continue seamlessly:
Setup the objects/text including position, and all textures and lighting. Save this as a separate project and use it when creating the 2nd animation so that the objects are identical.

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Are you wanting your logo to be formed from the shrapnel created by your exploding mascot?

Just an idea, but can't you just add frames to the end of the intial animation and then change the target as in ... b1bcbd79e6

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I may have found a way around this.
Load up both projects or anims, copy the 2nd one and paste it onto the first.

Now you should be able to just pad frames onto the end of the project and change the timeline for the 2nd animation so it comes in after the first.

It may get quite fiddly, but it just may work.