Lost Serial Numbers and Software.

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And if it does crash, I have a back up of all programs on CD and related serial numbers on file. :roll:

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heinz-oz wrote:And if it does crash, I have a back up of all programs on CD and related serial numbers on file. :roll:
Don't be so sure aboute CD ...
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Can we stop this debate now please it is getting a bit silly.
To recap.....

1. WE are NOT Corel, We are NOT Ulead, WE are NOT Intervideo.
We ARE users of the software like everyone else who visits this forum.
As users we try and share ideas between ourselves and make suggestions about how to overcome problems.
2. WE cannot retrieve lost serial numbers or programs, we are (once again) customers who use these programs.
3. It is NOT normal practice for software Companies to keep serial numbers and activation numbers. You might find a few but they do so out of the kindness of their heart. Ulead/Corel have provided a means for their customers to store registration numbers in a user account on their website.
It is up to YOU to take advantage of that facility.
4. It is IMPORTANT that when you spend your money on an item of software that requires a serial number or an activation number that YOU keep copies of those precious items.

I do not want to lock this thread because other users may have problems of their own that they wish to discuss here, if however this silly attitude continues I will have no choice but to do so.
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LOST software

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Yes ...I understand all of that...it is dumb of me to be in this situation...I failed to say earlier that I did purchase an extension on the software so I could download again if I had to...I can't find any evidence of that when I go to the web site and log on to my account...I assume the time limit has run out...I wasn't sure quite how long its been...I do have an old copy of VS7 and Media Studio pro 5.0 because I bought the CDs originally...all my software is registered...anyway if I wanted upgrade to VS11 can I do it without having VS10 on my computer? Also where would I go to find out if my extended download time is over? Thank you for your time. I appreciate your time.
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When you purchased VS10, Element5 handled Ulead/Intervideo's web purchases. You can try checking with Element5 Customer Care.

Since being acquired by Corel, they handle their own on-line purchasing. I doubt they would have the information needed, but have you tried contacting Corel Customer Care

We can do nothing more than suggest contacting either of those for further assistance. We can not provide any links to download the products.
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Downloading P110

Post by timtak »

I have a serial number (Ulead/Corel seems to be very good at keeping record of them) but I can't download Photoimpact 10
Someone with the same problem
http://phpbb.ulead.com.tw/EN/viewtopic. ... t=download
was directed to this thread but I see no download link.

When I try and ask Corel, I write a question, submit it and then get a "this product is no longer supported" page and I guess my question does not even reach them.

Can anyone share a PI10 with me? Not the serial number, just the download.

I found one on the internet somewhere but it was in a wrapper in which my serial number did not work.