Photo Express 5 SE-HELP!!!!!!


Photo Express 5 SE-HELP!!!!!!

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I have the Ulead Photo Express 5 SE...when I first used it I used an editing program in it where you could display a photo and if it had like a tear or maybe some of the photo was damaged you could fix it,like maybe
a mark was on the face on the photo you could put the pen on the skin color and match it up and then fill in the damaged part of the face to match,for some reason I can't seem to find it now :roll: ,can someone that might have the same program I have please tell me what to click on to find the program again? I would be berry greatful if someone could help...Thank you in advance.. :lol:

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Not ever having owned the version you have, I'm just going to imagine that it is generally the same as all the other versions of PE I know, ok? If what I tell you is totally incomprehensible, then chances are probably good that I'm wrong :wink: ....

The tool I believe you are looking for is either the 'clone' or the 'brush' ~ in some versions of PhotoExpress, they are both found under the heading of 'Paint', but since I am not familiar with PE 5 SE, I can't tell you exactly where to find it. But PE is really user friendly, it shouldn't be all that hard to find. :)

Either one, clone or paint, will open up an options screen. You can use that to decide what area of the original pic you wish to 'clone' onto the damaged part, or to choose your color to paint it with (to pick out a 'matching' color - after clicking "Paint ~ Brush ~ click on the large single colored square and choose 'eyedropper' from the resulting dropdown menu).

Hope this helped ~ good luck!!! 8)

: lobster