Help With Cropping


Help With Cropping

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I have PhotoExpress 6. I am trying to edit my pictures a little better, but I am coming across two problems. Say I have a picture of a dog in my backyard, but I just want the picture of the dog, how can I crop just the dog?? I have tried the Shape, Smart Select, and Color, . I must be doing something wrong , because all I get is uneven lines trying to trace an object, just a general mess. Am I trying to do something PhotoExpress cannot do? Also, is there somewhere I can stitch two photos together? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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I took the liberty to move your post into the right forum. You have a better chance of getting a meaningful reply here.

I do have a few SE versions of PhotoExpress, which came bundled with some hardware, but I have never used it. I use PhotoImpact and can't think of a reason why someone with PI would want to use PEXPR.

I know it's easy to do what you want to do in PI but don't know if PE can do it, sorry.

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Hi decorator! Cropping photos is fairly easy using PE, but it takes a little manual dexterity.

To remove your dog from it's background, under the 'Selection' heading choose 'Trace'. You can then either hold down your mouse and fluidly trace around the thing, or you can (by a series of 'clicks') set points and trace around it, depending upon how good you are. Then, when the animl/object/whatever has been completely traced, right click upon the chosen area and select "Convert to object". This object can then be copied and pasted into another picture.

Sorry if I'm not the best at explaining things, but did this help? If not, please say so and I can try to be more clear or detailed.

{ And I have one idea as to why one might want to use PhotoExpress as opposed to PhotoImpact ~ $$$$. There is something in the neighborhood of 50 dollars difference between the two. Also, if one actually already had PE and didn't already have PI. :D I love PhotoExpress, and use it for tons of things!!! }

: lobster :)