animating size in Gif animator 5?

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animating size in Gif animator 5?

Post by Rastaboogie »

Ok, so I have no problems animating position, transparency, etc. (Love the "ad banner text" option). But I am completely stumped on how to animate the size (or scale) of an object. For instance, I do the following steps.

1. Import an image
2. Right click the frame and choose "Duplicate Frame"
3. Then I go to the first frame and scale the image down.

This is where I run into problems. The image scales down in both frames. I want to get the "Grow" effect of an image, as if it is getting bigger... is this impossible? Or am I missing the obvious?

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Post by bryave »

I think it has the same concept such as the one included in the tutorial page of Ulead using GIF Animator 5.0. May you should check this site out:

Look for the "Creating your own Animated Emoticons - Thumping Heart Emoticon" tutorial as this might help with the grow effect concept you're talking about. ^_^
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Post by Gray »

Rastaboogie, to change the size of individual objects click on the frame you want to change, drop down OBJECTS menu and click on Object Properties. Now choose Position and Size. If you want to keep the aspect ratio the same make sure that box is checked. You can put in width or height, the other will automatically change. That will change the size of just the object in the one frame.

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Post by VikingAnimations »

Frame 1: This frame has the original object...

Add a blank frame, now you have Frame 2. In the Object Manager, highlight the desired object. Click the Duplicate Object button. You now have a duplicate of the first. Resize this object to the dimensions you want.

Repeat as necessary.

That procedure should get you what you want.