How to post a * T U T O R I A L *

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How to post a * T U T O R I A L *

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To prevent posts from spammers and also to prevent members posting to the wrong forum, the Tutorial Forums are semi-locked.
Anyone can post a reply to a tutorial unless the specific tutorial itself has been locked. This will allow members to ask for further help or clarification relating to a tutorial.

New Tutorials can only be posted by members of the 'Tutorial Writers Group.'
This decision was taken in view of the large amount of spam that has been posted to these forums mostly by automated spamming scripts.

If you wish to become a member of this group please send a PM to sjj1805.

The Purpose of the Tutorials Forums

The Various Tutorials Sections of this User Forum are for forum members to share TUTORIALS. You may include tips, tricks and links to external information where that information is intended to assist our members use their ULEAD products more effectively.

If you have a problem or questions regarding Ulead's Video Editing Programs, such as Media Studio Pro, VideoStudio, Cool 3D, they should be posted in the forums provided for them. Doing so will result in quicker responses by the many experienced members of those respective programs.

Program specific questions posted in this forum will be moved to the proper forum, so that they may be responded to. It will also be easier for other members to locate and benefit from them.

Links to the Ulead Program Forums: Use of PM facility or Private Emails.
Questions should also be posed in the user forum and not by sending emails to individual members. Whilst our members are happy to assist each other it must be borne in mind that others members may also be experiencing this same problem and would benefit from the responses given. By posting your enquiry on the open forum you will also obtain a wider response of possible cures to the problem you may be experiencing.

Inappropriate use of the user Forum.
There is absolutely NO SPAMMING allowed. This includes advertising products to sell, or linking to websites to sell your items. Such posts will be removed immediately, and the member will be expelled from this forum.

Rules of the User Forum.
The Forum Rules in full can be found in full here: