PE6 degrades my photos


PE6 degrades my photos

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Nature of the problem: Photo Express 6 messes up my photos after I edit them. Everything looks good until I save and close the file. When I reopen it, the photo looks like an impressionistic painting no matter what editing I've done (I usually edit lighting and color balance, crop, and sometimes decrease the file size).

I never had this problem with PE 4 or 5 and so now I revert to those programs to edit my photos. I would prefer to use PE6 as it has some nice features.

Properties of your source files (format, file size, where did you get it?)
high res (at least 1200 x 1600)
downloaded from digital cameras.

What devices are involved and their mode of connection?
Canon PowerShot A70
Sony Cybershot
connected with USB cable? I think that's the term ... the cables that came with the cameras.

Output format
I don't understand this .... .jpg ???

Error Codes (if any)

System information (please fill this up in your User Profile).
I filled in what I could. I don't know how to find out about sound and graphic cards.

I've contacted Ulead re this and had no replies. I'm thinking my program must be corrupted somehow, but they didn't answer my email.

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I daubt that earlier versions of PEX were any better at this than your current version.

The fact remains and is independent of any software used (although some are a little better than others) if you start with a compressed format (jpeg) edit and save again to jpeg, you are going to suffer quality loss. Do that a couple of times and throw in some "reducing" of file size and the results may not be what one wants to look at again.

Without knowing exactly what you did with what sort of source file, it's virtually impossible to give any advice, except this: Once you open a jpeg for editing, do not save again until you are done. Every save is going to deteriorate your image.

Just try this: Make a copy of any jpeg file (duplicate) and open it in any picture viewer and save it again. Compare the file sizes :? , great, isn't it?

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I am not talking minor degradation. It's major. The photo goes from being a photo to being a hugely impressionistic painting. It was NOT a problem in PE4 or PE5.

I understand about saving the edited photo to a different name and I do that.
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To add to what Heinz has already said to you, when you save in JPG format you also have to stipulate a quality setting.

High quality (Some software calls it 10 others 100) - not much loss in quality
Low quality (1) considerable loss of quality.

Using any image editing software open a jpg. now save it under a different name twice. The first time save in high quality, the second time in low quality.

Now compare the file sizes of all 3 pictures and view each image.