VS10/MF5: Removing the PlayAll Button

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VS10/MF5: Removing the PlayAll Button

Post by sjj1805 »

VS10/MF5: Removing the PlayAll Button

VideoStudio 10 and also MovieFactory 5 introduced a new option that enables you to hide a menu object.
Whilst hidden the button can still be selected with a DVD remote control. If you want to remove the button completely you must create the DVD in a hard drive folder and then use another third party piece of software to remove that hidden button completely.

MenuEdit will completely remove the functionality of the play all button.

A DVD menu is (when it has been created) a small video.
Superimposed upon the video are 'hotspots' and when you press a button on your remote control you either move from one hotspot to another or execute that hotspots function. That function is an instruction like
play this, move to this other menu, select this subtitle track etc.

MenuEdit removes the hotspot. What it does not do is remove the visual representation of the 'button' because the 'button' is now a part of that video.

What you have to do in VideoStudio is hide the button so that it does not appear as a part of that video, then use MenuEdit to remove the hotspot.

As a small experiment and also a demonstration of how a DVD Menu is in fact a video with hotspots superimposed.

The following will show you the Menu - Video all by itself as a small standalone MPG file which can be played in Windows Media Player.

1. Create your menu.
2. Burn to a hard drive folder.
3. When the message "Operation successfully completed" appears - DO NOT click it.


4. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the location you have created the DVD. In my example this was D:\DVD
My VOB files are then found in D:\DVD\VIDEO_TS

5. Look closely and you will see another folder in my case named:
D:\DVD\DMF_TEMP (Does this imply that the same burning module as DVD Movie Factory is employed?)
There are further sub-directories one named:

6. Here you will find a MPG file - This is your Menu - Video.
(If you had hit the OK button in the box shown above - these temporary files are deleted - this is why you must NOT hit that button just yet.)

If you have hidden the play button correctly you should not see any black square where the 'Play All' button was previously located.


In the Tutorial Workshop 2 and Menuedit. I have demonstrated how to remove the 'Hotspot'

That tutorial was created for a slightly different effect where I remove the hotspot from a moving thumbnail leaving the motion video in place.
It should though be easy enough to work out how to remove the hotspot from the hidden play all button.