gif animator 5 problems

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gif animator 5 problems

Post by gifwannabe »

1. I dragged a moving gif image (using file manager) into a blank image of gif animator 5. That worked fine, except I could not figure out how to move/position the image.

If I just drag it, only one frame is affected. I've tried selecting all frames while dragging the image - but that doesn't seem to work. Editing the x,y co-ordinate of the image in every frame works, but that certainly can't be the solution.

What am I doing wrong?

2. I dragged a photoshop CS image (containing just text and a border) into a blank image of animator 5. Even though it created a layer for each of my Photoshop layers, I was unable to later edit the imported text back in Photoshop (to be able to change the words and font size) - or able to edit the layer at all (as far as the text and font size). How can I accomplish this?

3. I was unable to select text within Photoshop CS - cut - and then paste the text into gif animator. What is the correct way to accomplish this?

Post by thecoalman »

If you want to apply the same thing to all objects you skip part 1.

1.Select all the objects in the right pane you want to place at the same points. In case you don't know click the first one then click the one on the other end while holding shift. You can also select and deselect single objects by clicking on them while holding ctrl.

2. Do the same thing in the timeline, select the frames you want the objects sychronized on. Right click the frames and select synchronize objects across frmaes. Set whatever properties you want.

Post by gifwannabe »

thecoalman - this is very frustrating!

I was able to drag a moving gif into a blank image and then move it using your instructions.

I then selected frame 1 and dragged the same moving gif into the gif animator image.

Even though I had all of the objects of the 2nd moving gif selected - and every frame selected, and I did a 'synchronize objects across frames' - I've been unable to move the 2nd moving gif except for one frame.

I can see all the objects x.y co-ordinates move as I drag, but they are only affected for 1 frame (generally the last frame - even though I have tried changing the 'select source frame' to 1:Frame)

what am I doing wrong?

Also, any instructions for questions #2, #3 of my original post?