photo express 6 crash crash after first install


photo express 6 crash crash after first install

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I read a lot this forum and got some trouble which are obviously offen after an install of photo express 6 there is crash and the prog stopped

- I suspend my protection (Nod32)
- Install (twice after a great clean - like suggested in the forum) the prog (the zip file isn't corrupted)
- put the .exe in compatibility win98
- delete the uvavi.vio

every time it's the same thing, crash at the start and I could'nt use photo express 6

Thank's for help
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Try checking Windows Event Log for error messages:

check the windows Event Log:-
START | RUN dialog box
%SystemRoot%\system32\eventvwr.msc /s
and press enter.
Now check the following two folders

You will find a red circle with a white cross inside. Double click to open it and there you will find a link
This link also contains some hidden code apertaining to your error.
Double click and you will then be given more detailed information and possible cures.

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thank's a lot for this response:

I checked the windows even log and I find the entry error log within the application log:
Application Error
ID ev : 1000

Application défaillante ipe.exe, version, module défaillant unknown, version, adresse de défaillance 0x140f0f0f.

Pour plus d'informations, consultez le centre Aide et support à l'adresse

when I look in the detail :
file version 5.1.2600.2180
version product: 5.1.2600.2180

so nothing signifiant

I'd tried to reinstall the product (express 6) on my other disk d: to see if the problem is still the same , and I got the same error.

I will try your last proposition - chkdsk /r which is on your link but I not very confident - If there was a disk damage I will be very surprise that it will be on my 2 differents disk.

I will tell you the result

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still me back,
I'd tried the chkdsk /r - Dos told that the device is busy and It could be done on the next boot , I said Yes and reboot

I chkdsk before running windows and no error at all

so ????

Have you another idea ?

- I did reinstall my old photo express 4 SE, I got the same error and put the ipe40.exe in win98 compatility - same problem, I delete the uvavi.vio and get the product running, with some crash when I used the undo command more than 6 time. I put back the ipe40 without compatility and everything ok.

I try the same tipps with express 6 and crash everytime , with and without all the tips before. (of course after uninstall the express4 version)
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For PhotoExpress 6 you do not need to put the exe into Win98 compatibility mode because it's designed for Windows XP, you only need to set it for PhotoExpress 4.

For any crash problems related with uvAVI.vio in Ulead products, it's possible that there are some faulty video codec packs installed in your system to cause the crash. Maybe you should check that.

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