Opening a Video AVI File with GIF Animator 5

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Opening a Video AVI File with GIF Animator 5

Post by Juls »

Im going to try and explain this the best i can in the hope someone will understand me :lol:

I installed the trial version of GIF Animator 5, i think i ran it for about 9 days then i had to reboot my PC to factory settings so i downloaded it again. Everything seems exactly the same except the first time i was able to "open" an file using "GIF Animator" and take the clip i wanted but the second time i cant it just comes thru blank. Its the exact same clip i was using the first time so im not sure if im doing something wrong.
Other than this im having NO problem at all with the prog, in fact im pretty sure i will buy it if i can, or someone can, help me with this problem.
I did check FAQ and it says the prog does support avi files so im not sure what problem i have.


Many thanks
Juls x
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Post by VikingAnimations »

:?: Reboot to factory settings? Do you mean reinstall Windows, or something else? What was changed?

If you reinstalled Windows, did you do all the Windows Updates again?

It sounds like something didn't go quite right when you "rebooted to factory." But what that might be is pretty hard to diagnose over the 'net...

Any more info that you can provide?

Post by Juls »

Thanks for the reply VikingAnimations
Erm yeh i took my PC back to its position when i first bought it and reinstalled windows and everything else.........altho i didnt do all the Windows updates, i'll try that..........
I know im a pain but THANKS SO MUCH for trying, it is kinda wierd cos at the mo everything is back to how it was apart from the Windows updates so i hope that will solve it
Thanks again
Juls x
I'll be back if i still have a problem