Mac User/PhotoExpress 4 installation problem


Mac User/PhotoExpress 4 installation problem

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I'm trying to load the PE software from the CD for the CyberPics keyring camera to my OS X G5 Mac, and it fails everytime. I've downloaded the most recent driver. I tried to find a PE download, but I must've overlooked it.

Frankly, I don't need PE as I have other digital pic software. Apparently, though, the camera isn't recognized without PE loaded.

Any other Mac users out there who could help? Thanks much.
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Please view this link

Steve J

PC only...?

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Steve, when I bought the keyring digital camera, it said it & the software were Mac compatible. In fact the PE software CD has a Mac folder. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get it to load. If PE won't work, I wonder if I can trick the camera to default to another pic software. Very disappointing & confusing. Thanks for the reply, though.

If anyone knows anything different, I'd love to hear from you.

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The length some people go to to sell their stuff. :roll:

You do not neccessarily have to use the software that came with your camera. I don't know the Mac and can't suggest a program that would work.

I have two digital still cameras, both Canon, and usually transfer my pic's to the PC via a card reader. I have used PhotoExplorer as well as just the Windows Explorer to shift the files from the card to the PC. I'm sure that would work similarly with a Mac. All you need is a program that runs on your Mac.

Ulead for Mac

Post by LaurentUlead »

Any news or success to get access to pics from Cyberpics keychain camera on our Macs ??? I have faced the same problems and I am still looking for a solution that would allow me to export the pics to any software on my mac...

Thanks for any clue / LA
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PhotoExpress for Mac is now a phased-out product of Ulead, and it's now only available in Japan.

Check to download some FAQ / manual / patches for Ulead phased-out products.

You need to have CarbonLib 1.4, QuickTime 4 and TWAIN support installed in the Mac OS. Please check with your Mac dealer to know how to install them properly.

Hope this helps.

Ted (H.T.)

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