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Great software to split large avi files

Post by sjj1805 »

Great software to split large avi files
jwalk2c wrote:Hi,
I finally found a solution to my problem of archiving old home movies.
I wanted to archive large avi files to dvd'r.
But I could not find a way to split them to fit on a dvd'r.
I tried several programs that claimed to be able to do this but none worked, at least not for me.

I stumbled across YWinUtilties from YL Software :D ... e&Itemid=1

It includes some file tools as well as some great windows utilities.
One of the file tools is a splitter.
You can select any size to split too, and it also makes a .exe batch file so in the future you can rejoin all the clips without having to use any software.. :!:
I experimented with several 20 to 30 gb avi files
I set output size to 4300 mb.
It produced the split files along with a 1KB batch file.
I rejoined them many times and each time the size remained the same as orginal source file, so i am confident there is no compression or any quality lose.
The software has been working perfectly now for about a week of daily file splitting.
I have also made sure the files would burn to dvd and then copy back to h/d to rejoin.
Thank You