Two Pictures in One?


Two Pictures in One?

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Hello! I would like to spit two pictures, and make it into one, by cropping one picture in haft, then adding aother picture and have it the same size as a reguar picture, can I do this with Photo Express, what other program can I use? can someone help me?

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PhotoImpact would be a much better suit.

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yes you can copy pic one then go to project creat new pick what size you want i usualy use a4 a blank screen will appear past your first pic then go to brows pic second pic right click copy then go back to project your first pic should stil be there right click and past then go to edit at top of screen sallect resize and the pic should have an outline with some small squares in the corner right click on one and drag pic to size required then repeat with second pic once you have finished you can save it or print it

or you could edit the first pic with smart select then copy then find the other photo and paste it onto it

good luck