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Hey can anyone give me some insight in the prob I'm having trying to install the Gif Animator 5. I have given up with contacting ulead, customer service aint got back to me prolly cuz its a technical prob, but I cant use technical support cuz I cant register it, cuz I didnt get a serial number in me email from element 5?

So anyways I bought it online, downloaded it from the link in my email, and as the wizard starts up, it has a shaded serial number field in the registration box. It just stops there, I cant go any further the only two options I have is either BACK or CANCEL. So thats it, if u have any advice on what to do, please help, it would be greatly appreciated. Oh yeah if anyone has a contact phone number for ulead, I'd like that too

Plz tell me what I'm doin wrong I'm starting to feel ripped off
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You paid for it, so they should be able to assist. Visit and look near the bottom - Click the link for Asia Pacific, assuming you are indeed from Australia. You will have to create a Ulead user account if you don't have one.

Otherwise it's pretty hard to diagnose the issue from afar. There are plenty of things that can go wrong. If you are using Windows 2000 or XP, make sure the account you are signed in with has Admin privileges.

The more information about your system that you can provide, the better. Operating System version (including what service pack if Windows), any Anti-Virus software, firewall, anti-spyware programs running, memory, processor, etc. Tech support has to go by the information you provide, so help them help you. (That includes posts to boards like this, too.)

I hope you can get this fixed! Ulead software works like a charm for some, for others not well at all. I'd love to know why...