Photo Express 1.1 won't install in my new Dell WinXP/sp2 pc

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Photo Express 1.1 won't install in my new Dell WinXP/sp2 pc

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I've been using the Photo Express 1.1 version since 1998 which is included in ImageReader Scanner software; I no longer have the scanner but love this version; I downloaded a .4 version but don't see the "stitch" feature & the "rotate freely" feature "stinks" compared to my 1.1 version. My new Win 98/sp2 won't accept it. We do have it installed in an older Dell WinXP; I never downloaded sp2 into the older Dell. Is sp2 the problem? Is there any way around this so I can install the program in my new pc? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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Since PhotoExpress 1.1 is an aged version, it might not be compatible with WinXP SP2 and you might need to buy a new version.

Ulead PhotoExpress 5 Special Edition:

Hope this helps.

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Dell tech said Microsoft will soon have patches/fixes for SP2 that should help; I hope so.