Tutorial: PhotoImpact: Creating DVD Menu from scratch

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PhotoImpact X3 with DVDMF Pro 7

Post by montgal55 »

Hello Everyone:

Since my desire is to create DVD menus from scratch, I have downloaded and installed PhotoImpact X3 (to be sure, I have downloaded and installed DVDMF Pro 7).

I also downloaded the instructions in creating menus from scratch using PhotoImpact by Steve James (at the time of his writing of 2006).

:?: However, the instructions are for PI version 11 to import menus into DVDMF 5/6. I meniton this because in PI v11, there is tab in the tool bar named My Workspace, which is not in the new version of PI X3.

Steve indicates that before we can start creating our menus from scratch, we have to perform importing "assets" (e.g., buttons, frames, etc.)

My question is: since the two versions are "some what" different, will the procedure of importing these assets be the same or different? Or, will importing assets be even necessary to start creating menus from scratch?

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Post by KPPang »

Hopefully this helps, in PIX3, some of the assets are already in the "Easy Palette" under "Library" in "DVD Menu, scroll down to look for them.

You can import new ones into this section too!
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Post by sjj1805 »

There is no significant difference, the DVD menus in VideoStudio 8 have the same structure as those in VideoStudio X2.

The only "real" enhancement in recent versions was the inclusion of smart scene menus.