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I wrote this once today but it is kind of buried in the forum. I just purchased and installed PhotoImpact 11 with GIF Animator 5. When I opened up Gif Animator to start the program it first got to the VIO files and crashed. Windows Event viewer said there was a faulty module, (sonicmpgvout.004), so I reinstalled Sonic MyDVD, reinstalled PhotoImpact, and got stuck on thinking the problem was with MyDVD but it wasn't. Anyways to fix this without losing anything from the GIF Animator you: GO IN: Windows explorer to C:\Program files\Ulead systems\PhotoImpact 11\AnyGif\Vio, and move all 5 VIO files into a file that you create on your desktop, (name it anything you like). The 5 files are outdated, they are: Uvuvi.vio, uvflc.vio, uvmpg1.vio, uvqt.vio, & VIO Help file, all of them are dated March 5, 2001. NEXT: Go to Windows explorer again and go to C:\Program files\Ulead systems\Ulead Photo Explorer 8.6\Vio, and copy the 7 VIO files from this folder into the AnyGif\Vio folder that you just emptied. The 7 files , all the files in the folder, are: uvAvi.vio, uvflc.vio, uvmpeg1.vio, uvqt.vio, Vio Help file, uvwav.vio, & uvwmf.vio. All these files are updated ,new VIO files dated March 3, 2004. NOW: Close everything and open up GIF Animator and start the program. DONE All the VIO files load and you don't lose video capablities of the program. You can delete the desktop file you created with the outdated VIO files in it if you want. THIS WORKS WITH GIF ANIMATOR THAT COMES WITH PHOTOIMPACT 11.[/quote]
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Thanks for that, a good tip for other users in the forum. Heinz-Oz, the Moderator of the PhotoImpact forum is keeping a sticky of hot tips for Photoimpact users which I would think will include GIF animator.

I suggest you PM him a copy.
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Sounds like a good tip - if it worked for you, we hope it works for others, too. Thanks for sharing!

Now if we could just get Ulead to keep their software properly updated... :roll: They have some great software, as long as it doesn't crash. I've been lucky, mostly.

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Thank you! Good tip!
Done, simple steps to follow, my problem was solved too in matter of seconds :D

Thanks for sharing!!!