DVD Media Longevity

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Mark Powell

DVD Media Longevity

Post by Mark Powell »

I have been burning DVDs for some time now and use many different reputable brands of DVD media. I am finding that the video quality from some of the DVDs are deteriating causing pixilation and freeze frames. Do DVDs have a shelf life or could it be the quality of the original burn etc. I was hoping to transfer all my home video to DVD as a way of preserving them, but I am finding in some instances that the original tapes are standing the test of time better than the DVDs. Any comments would be most appreciated.
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Post by TubaDad »

I have seen significant differences of opinion about this and will be interesting to see what we see here. To me the scariest part is the DVD Rot that is being seen on the production discs. I have seen some articles from 2003 about the production DVDs "rotting".

In my house I have been doing double backups on two different brand and media types. I burn a backup to a -R and the same data to a +R. Since the cost of discs is not too bad I am fine with doing this, but I would rather know that what I burn is going to last.
Bruce Bennett

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I think it is time to resurrect this thread in view of a PM message received
J'rome wrote:Steve,
I very much enjoy reading and applying your knowledge to ULEAD projects. Do you have any thoughts on the type of DVD (gold disc, Taiyo Yuden...) one should use when making DVD's for clients. I want them to last many years but have read many conflicting reports on how long a disk (under normal use) will retain its intergrity. Thanks for your reply and keep up the good work on the web board.
Jerome P
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A few links relating to the expected lifetime of a DVD Disc:
http://www.itl.nist.gov/div895/gipwog/S ... yStudy.pdf

Can DVD's have Laser Rot?

comparison of Blank DVD Media:
http://thedvshow.com/faq-pro/?action=ar ... =283&lang=

The majority of my DVD's are for riends and family and so I am quite happy to use the bulk stuff found at a computer fair.
There are however several forum members who are professional or semi-professional and may wish to join in this discussion with their recommendations.
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