Clean-Up tool for Video Studio

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Re: Clean-Up tool for Video Studio

Post by Irishrose »

Hello Trevor,

In an effort to correct issues I am having with Video Studio (Ultimate 2021) I would like to do a complete uninstall of the program. Over the years I have had several versions of Video Studio which may be the cause of current problems. My computer is running on windows 10.

Do you think I can achieve a complete removal by using the computers uninstall programs and follow up with the appropriate clean-up tools in your posting?

Thank you for all your help with our Video Studio problems.
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Re: Clean-Up tool for Video Studio

Post by dalessad »

@lata : is there a cleanup tool for VideoStudio 2023 yet.

Constant crashing again now with 2023 (had same issues with 2021) and will attempt a cleanup and reinstall but honestly not expecting it to work.