Activation hassle

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Activation hassle

Post by goingtomars »

I'm really sick and tried of not being able to use software I paid for because of serial & activation input limitations. Corel has this horrible system whereas if you activate your software (like Motion Studio or Particle Shop) a certain number of times, you are then prevented from using your software because it can't be activated- and you are forced to contact support. Calling Corel results in them asking you to forward information like serial number and activation code- then you wait...for another email?


I should be able to install my software that I've purchased as many times as I want on a single computer, hell- multiple computers, and NEVER be asked to activate it again once my IP is logged.

I don't have time to be wasting, waiting for a support team that has an awful rating overall ( 1.3 out of 5 is not good folks, not good at all. You need to do better Corel.
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Re: Activation hassle

Post by zaphodikus »

It's called a "license", and you kind of have to see it their way. A vendor has to protect their revenue stream, but then people who want to install are entitled to get their goods too. A vendor thus needs to have the online checks as a hosted web service, which needs to have 24/7 availability. Which is actually a cost to them too. Personally, I have gotten to the age when I think of manual activations as a real human interaction in a world that has over-automated everything.

Are we reduced to only the pleasures that we can instantly demand and gratify with the tap of a key? Agree, it's tedious, but I just activated Motionstudio 3D online and we are all golden today.