2019 - Exchange birthday/holiday .c3d templates

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2019 - Exchange birthday/holiday .c3d templates

Post by nycpaulll »

It's great to see folks still using this program in 2019. I use it regularly to post animated birthday and holiday greetings to family on Facebook and text. I'm looking for a user group where members might exchange templates for birthday and holiday animations that let a new user change a photo or name for their use.
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Re: 2019 - Exchange birthday/holiday .c3d templates

Post by Vicky V »

Lot's of us old users still use it hahaha. So you have that, what exactly can you do on the application is due to your very own creativity and knowledge of video editing. That being said, you'll be surprised to know that MSD is more than just an tittle editor.... Here is a little example of pushing it to its limits. No, the software doesn't do this, I created the animations on it, the different layers and such then edited on VideoStudio.