Incorrect date and time displayed in metadata

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Incorrect date and time displayed in metadata

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I have a new issue with AfterShot Pro 3, which only started in the last month. It is making the product incredibly hard to use.
Images from different iPhones are being displayed in the wrong sequence as the date and time metadata is being changed for some, but not all, devices.

To give a couple of examples, Image 1 attached was taken on an iPhone SE at 07:05 on 4 July 2022. This is shown correctly in the image metadata if I just look at the file in Finder. If I navigate to the same image file in AfterShot Pro, the metadata says it was taken at 21:05 on 3 July 2022, 10 hours earlier.

Image 2 was taken on an iPhone XS at 15:53 on 4 July 2022, which is shown correctly in both Finder and AfterShot Pro.

Raw images from my Nikon still have the correct time and date displayed.

Any ideas?
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