Developing of ASP

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Developing of ASP

Post by Joelp »

How's it with developing of AfterShot Pro? ASP is barely working on Linux. Alot of reported bugs were never repaired. It's hard to install because of using really old libraries and nobody want to solve somehow.

Thats really wierd for paid software. And this push me to think hard about to move to another SW like Rawtherapee. Which is under active developing.
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Re: Developing of ASP

Post by DaPaleRider »

As you notice, you don't get a response to these kinds of questions. AS3 and ASP3 is outdated technology from 2016. Do not expect a new version of this software. I've been waiting for it for a long time.

If you ask critical questions about this you will get no answer at all.It can be a very good application, and most of all multi platform.

It would be fair for Corel to simply report that it is no longer being developed, except for some updates. Or when this is the case, just report it
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Re: Developing of ASP

Post by grcolts »

Yes, it is a shame Corel is ignoring the ASP3 program. I still use the program but I have also been using other software as well.
You might want to check out Darktable as it is continuously being updated and works well on several platforms. It is also free so you cannot go wrong by checking it out.
I keep hoping Corel will update ASP3 but as each day goes by I am not holding my breathe.