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Clipping Warning tool

Postby Bobby55 » Tue Nov 06, 2018 11:04 am

I can't get my head around the product's "clipping/shadow warning" function, what do the colours mean? I understand Red and Blue but what about yellow and turquoise?
I tried Corel Support but all I get back is reset the program and links to videos that I've watched many times, not an answer to the question , my problem is most likely my inexperience.

When I am processing an image such as this one shown here and taken purely for demonstration purposes, I click the Clipping Warning triangle. As you can see it is a mass of red, blues varying in shade, and some yellow. (Other images have had much more turquoise and yellows), Image
I have discovered the red can be controlled by the' Black' slider and blue by' Highlights', but what are the other colours for? I can find nothing in the user guide or videos that makes sense to an old beginner such as myself.
If I check the clipping display in camera, there is just one small area of the pot over exposed, this is mirrored when opened in ASP, but nowhere near the amount shown if Auto Level or Perfectly Clear are used.
I have discovered that unless my understanding of the use of Auto Level, the default setting is far too harsh.
If I edit in PSP 2018 and use the Perfectly Clear Plugin that came with that program, the results are worlds apart.

If possible, can someone please explain in simple step by step terms how to use the Clipping Warning Function in ASP3.
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