purchase cms3d and cvs6x ?

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purchase cms3d and cvs6x ?

Post by scottklingele »

can a person interface Corel MotionStudio3D and Corel VideoStudio X6 ? Does VideoStudio X6 already have the MotionStudio 3D features? What is the best Corel product for making a music video?
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Re: purchase cms3d and cvs6x ?

Post by BrianCee »

No - VideoStudio does not have the capability to make 3D models or titles if you want to do that you will need to use both programmes.

Having made a 3D model or title in MotionStudio you can output a video file of it - moving as you have defined in MS and you can then import that video into VideoStudio where it will show as a 2D video of a 3D object - if you see what I mean - but it will not be 3D as in needing special glasses to view it and you cannot manipulate the model in VideoStudio.

The best Corel product for making a music video is VideoStudio X6