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operating_system: Windows 10
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PhotoImpact X3 is Corel's final version. It will not be updated and eventually completely phased out.
However, there are still a lot of people who enjoy using PIX3 and it will function very well on Windows 8 and below.
There is no support from Corel for PhotoImpactX3 other than this forum.
Please remember we are volunteers and do not work for Corel, however we do endeavour to help you by answering your questions, if we can.

Before asking questions in this forum, please make sure you have checked everything in the USER MANUAL and READ ME of the programme. Though the information is that detailed, it is a good place to start in finding answers to your basic questions on how to use the program.

For problems not covered in the manual, please follow this format in posting your questions:

SUBJECT: Please use a subject that describes your exact problem instead of making us guess what's in your post.

Nature of the problem

Properties of your source files (format, file size, where did you get it?)

What devices are involved and their mode of connection?

Project Properties

Output format

Error Codes (if any)

If you have not already done so, click on User Control Panel, then go to the Profile tab in the forum header and fill in the fields titled:
Operating System:
Graphic Card:
Sound Card:
Hard Disk Drive:

** You may copy and paste the text in blue and just enter type in your information under each item. **

It is important that you give those information so we wont waste time asking for this instead of giving you solutions/suggestions. If you don't follow this, there is a big chance that people here will ignore your post.
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