Hard Week at Work

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Hard Week at Work

Post by Ron P. »

For the majority of this past week and half, I got stuck being the Gate Guard. The project was placing rip-rap, which is very large rock used to prevent erosion, along the river bank, which is close to a hiking trial at Ft. Riley Army base. I think since I had previous law enforcement background, I was selected to watch the grass grow/guard the gate. So to keep from going insane, I took my Canon FS300 and my laptop, that just happened to have a few versions of VS and Ulead C3D PS installed on it.

At first I was being very low-keyed about this, concerned that the boss would not like me doing this. To my surprise, not only did it like it, I started having to shoot more, and he commented that he wished he knew early on that I was doing it. He would have then had me shooting at various stages of the project. This is what I came up with.

VideoStudio Pro X4 and Ulead C3D PS were used.

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Re: Hard Week at Work

Post by trueblue »

Cool video editing Ron. Who knows, maybe your boss may pay you to do videos for the company.
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Re: Hard Week at Work

Post by plumber »

Very good Ron. I just got some things from Corel, and trying things out
my main thing, at the moment is putting our Grandkids pictures on dvd's
so my wife can look at them on tv. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Seriously, I have plenty of time to look at things on internet. Looking at
what other people have done is a good way to learn and get ideas. I worked
in construction for 33 years before MS hit and I retired 10 years ago. Mostly
worked on commercial work and whenever anyone showed up with a camera
we thought it was an OSHA inspector.
I had a cousin stationed at Ft. Riley in 1971 and wanted to show us where
Custer lived there when he was stationed at Riley, but we had limited time.