Can't find the Ulead Particle Plugin

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Can't find the Ulead Particle Plugin

Post by Temari »


I just downloaded the Ulead Particle Plugin to use in my Photoshop Elements 7 and I can't find it. When I tried using it, I got a msg that said unable to load particle.dll I know it installed correctly because I saw the info, icons, uninstall icons, etc. So, I wonder if I did anything wrong?

Could someone please help me find a way to find the Ulead Particle Plugin? Thank you!

Your help is appreciated.


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Re: Can't find the Ulead Particle Plugin

Post by LeviFiction »

This plugin was obviously developed for older systems and not improved to work specifically with Vista or Windows 7 so it's possible this is the problem. The particle plugin(particle.8bf) actually uses another plugin (particle.dll)to provide most of its functionality. So when the plugin attempts to load this other plugin it gets that error. However, when running as admin I get no such errors and it runs just fine. So if you want to use this plugin you will have to run Photoshop as administrator.
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Re: Can't find the Ulead Particle Plugin

Post by marta »

I got it to work in photoshop CS (WINXP) by copying every single .dll from the ulead particle folder into my Windows>system 32 folder