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Post by kmad328 »

On my old Vista program, my pspimages showed as thumbnails. On my new Windows 7 program, my pspimages show as little camera lens. Is there something I can do to see the thumbnails. I literally have 1000's of images and I basically have to open each one up in Paint Shop Pro to see what the image is.
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Re: pspimages

Post by LeviFiction »

Which version are you using?

This was a big complaint when X3 first came out. And for many it was fixed with the first...or second patch. I can't remember which one.

However, if you're not using X3 or it has not been fixed with the patches (always try the patches) then I only know of one other option.

The Bot Productions Thumbnail handler.

It replaces Corel's thumbnail viewer and attempts to show you previews of all of your .pspimage files. But I only like this method if all others have failed, it's terrible relying on a third party for functionality that should be working already.
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Re: pspimages

Post by teknisyan »

Hi kmad328,

There are 3 reason why this happens.
First, make sure you have the PaintShop Program installed on your computer.

Second, you may need to reassociate the PSPImage file with your PaintShop Pro program, right-click PSPImage then OPEN WITH... then make sure that the option ALWAYS USE THE SELECTED PROGRAM TO OPEN THIS KIND OF FILE. Then select PaintShop Pro on the program list. You can refer to the screen shot below.
PSP X3 file associate.jpg
You will need to set the appropriate view option on your Windows 7, just right click on the empty space on where the pspimage file is located then select VIEW then select either Medium, Large or Extra Large icon.
Image view.jpg
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Re: pspimages

Post by df »

If none of this works you may have disabled Windows from displaying thumbnails. To verify click Start > Control Panel. At the top of the page make sure the View by: is set to an icon (large or small doesn't matter). Now click Performance Information and Tools. You should now see an option on the left pane for Adjust Visual Effects, click it. Make sure that Show Thumbnails Instead of Icons is checked, hit apply and close. This is the default for Windows, but if you've gone to the effort to speed up your system sometimes this gets changed.
Regards, Dan

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