Installing Animator into PhotoImpact

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Installing Animator into PhotoImpact

Post by raejohn »

Hi there once again, I have downloaded AnyGif5 from a free download.I was told to make a shortcut on the desktop and to put the folder of extracted files into C drive in Corel Program area. Are there any instructions on how to instal and use it.
I have never made any animations before so would like some beginners advice. I do not invisage that I will be doing heaps of it as I believe they take up a lot of space etc.

A friend has made an animated signature for me to use with my VS movies - it was sent as a gif. but I don't know how to go about converting the animation or adding to VS. Can you give me some easy tip for doing this. I have photo impact X3 - the version which did not include it!!
Thanks Rae
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Ron P.
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Re: Installing Animator into PhotoImpact

Post by Ron P. »

Hi Rae,

I've copied your post to the GIF Animator & Web Utilities forum. However Ulead produced GIF Animator 5, and Corel's product is Animation Shop 3, not AnyGif. Could you provide a link to where you found AnyGif? GIF Animator 5 is no longer supported by Corel, but you can still find it on the web.. ... 02057.html

I think the program you downloaded is or was a part of GIMP, which would not be compatible or be able to be used as a plug-in for PhotoImpact.

To use an animated gif in VS, you simply use the File>Insert Media File into the timeline>Insert Video. VS will treat the Animated GIF as a video file. You can also right-click on the timeline, which will provide the same menu choice. If you try to insert your Animated GIF file as a photo then VS will treat it as a still photo and only display the first frame of your animated gif.
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