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Banner Ads - Small for Web

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Hey, guys! I'm not too familiar with Corel's Gif Animator program, but I want to give it a try. While I've heard it's a fantastic program, my main concern is that I won't be able to create high quality banner ads that are within a certain file size. I could easily compress the file, but I also risk providing the gif with a grainy quality that isn't aesthetically pleasing.

So, I say to you fellow gif animators. . . shall I keep my designs simple or can I go elaborate? Thanks, guys! :)
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Re: Banner Ads - Small for Web

Post by VikingAnimations »

Simple is usually better - keep the color ranges to a minimum, that will be a big help. An optimized GIF file will have one "global" palette of no more than 256 colors. So the smaller the variety of colors, the better. That is, less grainy.

By "Corel's Gif Animator" program, are you referring to "Ulead GIF Animator 5" or Animation Shop? Not the same by any stretch. Corel stopped selling and supporting Ulead GA 5 some time ago. It may or may not work on Vista or Windows 7... (If Corel has any other animation software, I'm not aware of it, as I'm personally boycotting Corel - I'm still pretty annoyed with them for dumping 99% of Ulead's software. GA 5 was the best.) If you are referring to some other Corel software, someone else may be able to provide info specific to that.